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It was nearly dusk, and eevee bounded happily ahead of his trainer, down the path towards the forest. It was so fun to be out, to see the bright sky and the warming sun, to get to see the red colours of the sunset, the greens of the forest, the brown of the earth, and the cool darkness of the shadows cast by the trees. He bounced around, and got a smile from his trainer as a reward for being cute. And that made him so happy, he bounced into the air with excitement.
A couple hours passed by, it was dark now, the moon was shining brightly overhead. It was a little scary, but he had his trainer, so he wasn't afraid, even if he didn't like to be quite as far away from them as before. But what did scare him was where they were stopping. His trainer was the quiet, intellectual type, approaching everything with calm intelligence, and not letting normal fears get in the way. For that reason, it wasn't surprising that eevee's trainer would set up the tent in a convenient clearing, despite that clearing being an abandoned graveyard.  There were only a dozen stones, more than half of them broken or tipped over, but a few of the upright ones had a chilly aura to them. But pleading eyes and nervous behavior were only treated with a reassuring smile. If only his trainer would notice how cold the shadows were, or the strange smell that could be found around one of the upright stones. It really wasn't safe to set up a tent here, or to build a fire on one of the fallen stones. Oh well, eevee settled down near the fire, beside his trainer. He was only a level 29 normal type, but he would give his life to protect his trainer if that's what it took.
Eevee woke up in the middle of the night to a totally different scene. Even though the flap was wide open, the tent smelled horrible, like car fumes, or... poison gas! Eevee sprang to life, jumping on his trainer, trying to alert him to the danger. Oh no! He wasn't moving! The poison gas was especially thick around his face, and his pulse was growing weak! Spinning around, eevee flew out of the tent, ready to meet whatever monster was responsible for this head on. But barely was he outside then he stopped, and gasped. The starlit sky, the tombstones, the trees around the clearing, all were obscured by a foul purple fog made visible by the moonlight. And hovering over the same suspicious tombstone before was a black orb with large, scary eyes and a malicious grin. Ghastly! They were known for hanging around cemeteries! Hoping to distract it, Eevee sprang at it with Quick Attack, anything to pull the fog away from his trainer. But, the Ghastly only moved out of the way and countered with Toxic. Landing weakly on the ground, Eevee coughed as the poison gases took hold inside his body, his life already ebbing away. It was no use! Ghost types were immune to normal attacks, leaving Ghastly free to poison him and his trainer! Or was he... A plan formed  in his mind as he remembered his trainer talking to him earlier, about how next level he would learn a powerful new move. Eevee didn't know what that move could be, but it had to be something other than Normal, life couldn't be that cruel. Using Quick Attack again, he charged around the tombstone and raced back into the tent. His trainer was barely breathing now, and the poison was growing concentrated in here. Eevee had to hurry. Rooting through the bag, he found what he was looking for, a rare candy! Raking the candy out of the packaging with his claws, Eevee devoured it in one gulp, and his eyes flashed as his level went up that one all-important notch. He could feel his body growing slightly, getting stronger, faster, but far more importantly were the realizations flooding his head. He could feel dark energy gathering around his mouth as he gnashed his teeth. Level 30 had brought him a super effectively precious gift: Bite.
Eevee was brought back to reality with a vicious cough. The poison was working faster, he had to end this in one shot! Running back out of the tent, ready to meet Ghastly on a level playing field, he was met by a pair of glowing red eyes, and the world grew hazy. Shaking his head was no good, everything was topsy turvy. Gathering the last of his strength, desperate to try and make it all go away, Eevee sprang into the air, twisting to try and Bite his vicious foe, his teeth sank into his own tail, and he crashed head first on an overturned tombstone. Straining, he tried to get up, but now it was too late. He fought to keep his eyes open, but gaseous fingers closed them for him, and the last of his life ebbed away.

Sometimes, when it seems like all is lost, there is nothing left to hope for, and life has reached its end, life can take strange turns. It's as if God Himself has finally heard your prayer, all but too late, and has now decided to smile and give you a happy ending, like little tiny trees springing to life after a volcanic eruption has burnt everything to ash.
No one knew that eevees had a secret evolution, that fainting while exposed to a dusk stone would cause them to change and evolve into a ghostly new form. Nor had eevee meant to strike the tombstone with the glittering black rock mounted on its face. Thus it was only natural that when he opened his eyes to a blindingly bright light that he thought he was dead. But then he looked into a condensed pool of poison on the ground and saw that his fur had turned an ashen carbon grey. But more startling were his eyes and ears. His eyes were now milky white, outlined by thick black rims, and his ears had turned curvy and floppy, hanging down to either side of his head. Deciding to investigate further, he found his coat was now composed of sleek, longish fur, his tail was long and prehensile, and he was semi-transparent. That caused him to back up for a moment. Wait, a semi-transparent body? And come to think of it, he was floating in mid air. He could feel it too, his type was no longer normal but ghost. He grinned viciously as he hissed a new name to the air.
Floating up into the air, he looked for the ghastly that had changed his life forever. Not that he didn't appreciate this new form, but growing up and evolving into a ghost type had opened up new ideas to him that he'd never have considered as an eevee. Ideas like revenge.
Whispeon barely had to look, concentrated purple fog was spewing out from the tent. Enraged at the thought of the malicious ghost robbing his trainer's corpse, Whispeon shot through the air, fangs bared. Using his ephemeral new body to fly straight through the tent's walls, he tackled Ghastly out into the open. Too late the ghost pokemon realised something was wrong and fought back, charging up a black ball of energy and flinging it at its assailant. It hit, and it hurt, but that was nothing to Whispeon's launching himself back at it again and sinking his fings into it's ghostly body in a vicious Bite attack, making the outclassed ghost pokemon flinch from the pain. Then, by the time it had recovered enough to charge a second Shadow Ball, Whispeon had already flown straight up into the air, and was shooting back down to finish it off with one final bite. Slamming into the Ghastly, he sunk his teeth into the pokemon's side, and whipped him around, up, over, and into the same tombstone he himself had crashed into moments earlier.  This time there was no second chance. Ghastly rolled around, groaned out its name one last time, and fainted dead away, the poison fog dissipating as it lost consciousness.
Turning around, hoping against hope, Whispeon rushed for the tent, and his trainer's body. Sadly, it was just as he expected; all traces of life were gone. The Ghastly had been defeated, but not in time to save the trainer who'd raised Whispeon as an eevee for so long. Alighting on the ground, Whispeon blinked back tears and curled up beside his trainer's corpse, wishing to spend one last night together before they parted ways forever, and he left for his new life as a pokemon out in the wild.
Okay, this was an idea I had for an animation, and I figured I'd write it down first. Well, this got much more detailed than expected, and it wouldn't have taken so long if I hadn't gotten side tracked so many times, but yeah, this took most of my night :P
All the same, I'm quite pleased with this. A short pokemon fanfic, probably not very good, but I like it all the same.
Tell me what you think!

p.s. Yes. I do indeed have a fan-made eeveelution of my own. Whispeon, the Ghost-type, who's evolutionary requirements are listed above. I even have a drawing, which I'll post later if it hasn't been done already.
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Bellared Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Artist
I think it would make a better animation, but I do like the idea.

And the name Whispeon has kind of a ring to it. Better than LeafeonXP
Trudos Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student General Artist
I agree. Really, this is just more of a storyboard of words, a script turned into a readable short story that I can better work with in my head.

Thank you, yes it does! :XD: Leafeon... I like the pokemon, but it *really* looks like they were getting lazy there. I mean, surely you can come up with some plant themed word other than LEAF :B Not that I want to start listing them right now xP
Bellared Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student Artist
I would go with geraneon! Haha, just kidding :P
Trudos Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student General Artist
HAHAHA no. Just no :XD: Even if it does at least sound more original
West-117 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Very nice
Trudos Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks, sis :) I'm glad you like it
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